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Waiting in the Night

A terrorized little girl, a writer stalked by his own nightmares, and a pair of secret-keeping detectives are the kindling for page-burning suspense.

On a cold night in Texas, nine-year-old Sally Kyles wakes to her mother’s ghastly screams. Alone and afraid, she quickly realizes someone else is in the home and now, he knows she’s there too.

Budding Tampa writer, Jack Crumbwell, is the publishing world’s new kid on the block. While reeling from the success of his debut novel, he quickly discovers that some horrors are best left unwritten.

NYPD Detective Howard Fulton and his partner Rebecca are waging a war against an invading drug cartel. In the grip of real danger, trust is as valuable as life itself. It’s too bad they’re both keeping secrets from each other.

Three very different settings with equally diverse characters, but one dark secret will bring them all to the doorstep of their worst nightmare.

From the author of Harrowed Dreams enters an unputdownable thriller that will yank you into a dark, disturbing realm where the only light left on will be at your bedside.


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Book Reviews

Waiting in the Night is a completely engrossing book with each chapter bringing to life a winding road of surprises. Timothy Moonlight captivates with a compelling plot and storyline with diverse characters of complex forces. Audio narrator, Brian Callanan, narrates with fervor and engages each character dynamically.


I really enjoyed Waiting in the Night. There were twist and turns. It kept me reading to see how this was all going to come together. The ending was not what I saw coming. From someone who reads a lot of mysteries it was enjoyable to have to read to the end before I found out the conclusion. Well put together.


If that title doesn't immediately elicit a frisson of fear, then get ready: WAITING IN THE NIGHT is a non-stop roller coaster of tragedy and terror, and just about every chapter is hair-raisingly chilling! I could not put it aside, racing through with heart in throat and eyes wide as saucers. This author can WRITE! He swept me away with horror and continuing jump scares. Although I don't often recommend converting fiction to film, WAITING IN THE NIGHT would be a fantastic terrifying high-class horror film. I reviewed a digital copy generously provided by the author via Hidden Gems Books at no cost, obligation, or remuneration. I opted to review this title.


The story was amazing. The development of the storyline and the characters were excellent. Plot twists kept me wanting to listen more and more and more. I would recommend this book to anyone.


A young family purchases their dream home in a small Texas town. However, all is not well. A horrible crime had been committed on the site where the home now stands, and evil is seeking to return to its site of origin. Meanwhile, in other parts of the country, people are being slowly but surely drawn to Texas to confront their deepest fears and nightmares. The characters in this story are realistic and their stories are compelling. This book has just the right amount of suspense to keep you turning the pages. I highly recommend this book to all fans of horror and suspense.


Audiobook Features

  • 10+ Hours of Suspense
  • Professional Narration by five-time Emmy Award winner, Brian Callanan.
  • BONUS Content: Timothy Moonlight pulls back the curtain and gives a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the novel. In this podcast, he discusses the history of the book, the challenges with writing it, explains detailed changes to the text, why this novel almost failed, and what turned it into a major success. Approximately 30 minutes.
  • Unabridged Version

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