The Last Word

The death of a founder, plus a grieving daughter, leads a corporation to turn to the dark side.

When Claire Bigsby buries the founder, the devasting loss seeps into her bones, hollows out her soul. Losing her father becomes the hardest chapter of her life.

But Claire has little time to mourn as she is suddenly the object of a dark obsession. As powerful executives take the reins of the corporation, Claire discovers her entire world is thrust into danger. With a hideous stranger watching her every move, cryptic messages, and events that defy explanation, she comes to a horrible conclusion.

Someone wants her dead. But why? And what really happened to her father? Claire has nowhere to turn and nowhere to hide. It’s only a matter of time.

Why Don’t I Sell My Audiobooks on Audible?

I don’t sell my audiobooks through online retailers like Audible because their contracts favor the particular retailer financially more than the author. They also give me very little control. I sell my audiobooks through an app to ensure that I can keep doing what I love, set my own prices, and give discounts to my fans. Most of the time this means a cheaper price too! The app I use is completely secure, easy to use, and gives readers the same functionality as Audible with the ability to listen through desktop or mobile device.

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