Harrowed Dreams

Penny has dreams. Harrowed dreams. Stark and unsettling, they fly through miles of her subconscious, jar the corridors of restless sleep.
Although the nightmares affect her physically, the painful aftermath is the least of her concerns. Penny has no memory of her magnificent manor residence, no remembrance of any detail of her life. The staff who work in her exclusive mansion hold a certain fear in their eye, a tremble on their tongue. What are they hiding?

The sparse details they reveal leave a trickling breadcrumb trail of ghastly secrets Penny may not be ready to face. As the hours tick by through the hands of a grandfather clock, the twisted discoveries gnaw at her subconscious, tickling vague recollections of something which seems lost, but not forgotten, buried but certain to be resurrected.

From the author of The Last Word and Waiting in the Night, comes a stylish character brimming with intrigue, painted with ingenious mystery, and hopefully strong enough to carry the immense responsibility she was intended to bear.

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